I Am Living Beyond Abuse with Dr. Destiny Podcast

A candid straight forward conversation of an overview of Abuse (sexual, physical, mental, verbal, psychological, neglect, abandonment). Including the causes and effects of abuse through sharing of real life experiences. Christian Counseling Abuse Expert, Dr. Destiny Perry provides additional natural and spiritual support for the abused and perpetrators of abuse by communicating effective ways to get out and stay out of abuse and begin to... "Live Beyond Abuse" through implementation of counseling strategies including the incorporation of God inspired scriptures as found in the Word of God.

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Saturday Oct 17, 2020

Dr. Destiny (host) and Charles Everett (co-host) discuss the relationship between torment and fear. Fear can rob you of an opportunity to get free from a life of abuse. This podcast discusses how the onset of a traumatic experience can provoke one into fear. Listen to truth as it is shared about becoming perfected in God's love so you can rid yourself of the torment of fear and begin living beyond abuse!

Sunday Oct 11, 2020

Dr. Destiny and her husband, Charles Everett, who also serves as her co-host discuss in this episode the root causes, effects, and consequences of childhood sexual abuse. They go deeper in the Word of God giving keys to help others overcome thoughts that will try to hold them back from living a life free of abuse. It is all about renewing your mind! You can live free. You can Live Beyond Abuse! 

Saturday Oct 03, 2020

In this episode Dr. Destiny Perry and her husband, Minister Charles Everett Perry discuss their stories involving childhood abuse, domestic violence, the issues and challenges they faced. Salvation and faith played key roles in their transition as well as the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to give help and direction to run the race that God has given them. Your life story does not have to prevent you from experiencing the wonderful life God has prepared for you. 

Sunday Sep 27, 2020

In this episode Dr. Destiny Perry and her husband, Minister Charles Everett Perry discuss the purpose of this podcast and the topic of abuse. The gifts and purposes of God is discussed along with the magnificent work that God will continually do on the inside of us. It is a message of hope and inspiration as they share about their story, their life, and their journey. It does not matter your past whether victim and or perpetrator, God has purpose for your life! 

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